Each province has their own definition but generally employers must have procedures in place to ensure the well-being of workers who work alone or in isolation.  Lone workers must be able to get assistance if they are injured at a work site where help is not readily available.  Most jurisdictions publish lone worker guides.  Please click our resources section for links to these documents.

This is very common and many of our clients have workers who are wide roaming.  To solve this problem, LWSS has integrated both SPOT and InReach Garmin satellite transceivers to various lone worker apps and portals where users can ‘Start, Check-in, End’ lone worker sessions.  Workers also have a panic SOS button that can be pressed to declare an emergency to our 24/7 emergency monitoring center. 

It is important that if workers are travelling that the monitoring center or first responder knows the location of the worker in the event of an issue.  We would suggest one of our smart phone apps programmed for regular check-ins. The worker can use the app ad hoc and simply start a session when they are going to be working alone and end it when they are finished or in company of others.

If they are in the same location our low-cost text in solution or our automated call-in product backed by our 24/7 monitoring center is a good compliant choice.

Your company, or perhaps even you (as the owner) and maybe even your employed Safety Managers could face multiple fines from local, provincial, and federal jurisdictions, not to mention private litigation from the family of the worker.  Having a compliant lone worker program is the least costly insurance any company can have.  This is road you do not want to go down. 

You are correct, there are many options but let LWSS do the leg work for you as we have partnered with many of the industry leading companies that build apps and hardware.  Best place to start is by completing our free comprehensive Lone Worker Safety Assessment. After submitting the form, we will review and give you some compliant options.  Very often our clients use more than one solution depending on the workers risk assessment and work type.  Click here for our free Lone Worker Safety Assessment to get started.

Our reply answer to this question is always “how much is a life worth’’?  Having a compliant work alone program is much like an insurance policy, and we all know what the outcome is if you don’t have insurance for something.

This happens more often than you would hope. Many of our clients are now writing their Lone Worker policies and procedures into their employee handbooks and employment contracts.  This way if an employee ignores the rules, then in the very least your company has completed its due diligence.  Safety starts at the top and having employees adhere to the rules can be challenging.  We suggest that employees are made aware that it is the law. 

Employees often think that smart phone apps or satellite transceivers are just a way for their bosses to check their whereabouts.  In our business this is far from the truth as our mandate is only to protect Workers and use location services/GPS tracking to LOCATE workers if they miss a check in or declare a panic situation. 

Good question.  This is an isolated worker and is considered a lone worker.  We recommend that each worker either carries one of our wearable Safety buttons with fall detection or utilize a smart phone check in app that would alert other employees or managers in the event of an issue. 

Buddy systems are a slippery slope.  Anytime that you rely on humans to ‘always’ be available and to manage field personnel on their own, then there is going to come a time when the program fails. It’s not a question of ‘if’ the buddy system fails, it is ‘when’.  We always encourage our clients to embrace current technology to protect workers as there is zero room for error when lives are at stake.

We have a few solutions.  They can be protected with a simple and cost-effective check-in app, text-in solution, our automated IVR call in system or our Envoy office management solution.

Yes.  If your current SPOT or InReach devices are less than 10 years old, we should be able to be integrate them into one of our work alone solutions. 

99% of our products and solutions that have an auto check-in feature which will check the user in automatically when they travel a specific distance within a specific time frame. 

Yes, you can combine as many solutions as you require, for example, you could have a satellite solution for your field workers and a simple text-in solution for your office workers.  All backed by our 24/7 monitoring center.  It’s all about having choices.

Yes, when you partner with Lone Worker Safety Solutions, we combine all of your services and solutions to provide you with one convenient monthly invoice.  The less vendors the better. 

Yes, we recently added the industries best personal safety product by Numera to our product line.  User worn buttons have fall detection with a 2 way panic button that immediately opens a voice channel to our 24/7 emergency response agents.